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How to Flash any mtk (Mediatek ) Smartphone using SP Flash Tool or any other signed mtk flash tools

NOVA 5 Firmware

how to flash to flash mtk device
This Tutorial is to guide you on how to Install Official Stock ROM in any Mediatek Smartphones OR how to flash your dead android phone using PC. Sometimes due to installation of custom ROM, not meant for your device, you often end up bricking your device. No charging, boot loop or white lines on the screen are some of the signs of a bricked device.

how to flash to flash mtk device But you can get back to normal through some simple steps which involve, flashing ROM through CWM but sometimes you can’t even get into recovery mode but, this isn’t the end of your phone. Today we’re with an article about how to unbrick your phone; you can even use this method to install stock ROM. We are going to use SP Flash Tool, also known as “Smart Phone Flash Tool”.

Note: Do not flash firmware which is not meant for your device, or else your phone will be completely dead. Even the SP Flash tool will not detect your phone. So Check the name of zip file carefully for spd flashing click here

Requirements on how to flash to flash mtk device:

  1. A PC with Windows or Linux OS.
  2. SP Flash Tool Download
  3. USB Cord
  4. Manually install VCOM drivers on the PC
  5. Your bricked Android device.
  6. Original/Working Stock ROM (Do a proper research as flashing the wrong ROM would permanently brick your device)

Why Do You Need MediTek DA VCOM Drivers

VCOM is a software that is small in size but useful to many users whos devices are powered bt MTK. This driver helps your Windows PC/ laptop identify your device properly as you device that has an MTK chip cannot be found by your Windows PC/Laptop.

How to Install VCOM Drivers for SP Flash Tool:

  1. Open Device manager from My computer. Click on any item & Goto Actions > Add legacy hardware.
  2. Now, Press next & select Install drivers manually.
  3. Press next & click on Have disk.
  4. From the browse option, select the VCOM drivers as per your OS.
  5. Once it’s done. You will see a screen similar to this:
SP Flash Tool VCOM Driver Installation

SP Flash Tool VCOM Driver Installation

Once you are done with the Installation part, goto device manager & you’ll find a device similar to this:

After Installing VCOM Drivers
After Installing VCOM Drivers

How to flash Mediatek unbrick MTK device – SP Flash Tool

Step 1:  First  Download  Official “Stock ROM / Firmware” From your Official site.

Step 2: Install the download file.

Step 3: Now Power Off your device & remove the battery only if it’s removable.

Step 4: Extract “ ‘***”.zip i.e Stock ROM  (** Indicates the file name)

Step 5: Run Flash_Tool.exe from the SP Flash Tool folder

Step 6: Select DA Please make sure the Download Agent has been assigned..

Latest SP Flash Tool Options
Latest SP Flash Tool Options

Step 7: Select scatter file. Please make sure you select the correct scatter file that you found in the ROM zip. Select DOWNLOAD ONLY.

Step 8:   Once you have selected everything, Click on the download button at the top. Connect your phone with the battery in it

  • A. MOTA SIU like (Recommended) : Only Boot.img,Recovery.img & Android will be updated, format->Download.
  • B. Format All + Download : Format Whole Flash and download all images.
  • C. Firmware Upgrade : Aim to protect important data from to be lost.
  • D. Custom : Image files to be updated (format -> download) can be customized in this scene, that is, partial download is allowed.

Download Process Indications:








Step 10: Now Power On your device if it doesn’t gets on Automatically to begin the downloading process.

How To Unbrick Mediatek Devices Using SP Flash Tool
How To Unbrick Mediatek Devices Using SP Flash Tool


The steps above should have helped you unbrick your mediaTek device or solve the mtk dead boot. If you are still in need of any help or if you’re facing problems in installation, you can ask us in the comment section below. Let us know your queries about anything related to this post in the comment section. If you found this post helpful, then don’t forget to share this post with other Android users so that they could get their dead phones working in a few easy steps without paying any dollars for it.


1. How do I flash MediaTek Devices?

Step 1: Open “SP Flash Tool’
Step 2: Click On “Scatter Loading”
Step 3: Select your Scatter File”
Step 4: Connect Your phone with USB cable by holding the volume down or volume up button and click on “Download”.
Step 5: The flashing process should begin.

2. What Is preloader in MTK?

Preloader is a software that abstracts between the platform and the bootloader. It also has additional features such as the ability to boot from MMC or NAND flash. It can also read and write various parts of the flash via USB.

3. What Is Scatter File IN SP Flash Tool?

A scatter files .txt file which runs on MediaTek’s ARM architecture and is used to describe numerous regions in an android device. The scatter file is usually needed at the time of flashing firmware.

4. Is It Possible To unbrick a Hard Bricked MTK Smartphone?

YES, you can follow the steps in the article mentioned above to unbrick any MediaTek Powered Device.

5. What Does It Mean When Your Device Is Bricked?

A bricked device is a device that won’t switch on and the device cannot be fixed by any normal method. A phone that is stuck in boot loop or boots into recovery mode is NOT bricked. You can follow guides available on this website to learn how to unbrick your phone or you can go to a professional if required.

6. What Causes A Soft Brick In A Phone?

A soft brick happens mainly when a ROM is flashed. It can also be caused by software problems. Malware’s present in your phone can also cause it to get bricked. It is possible to fix a soft bricked device; you can do this by following the steps under the question “How Do You Fix A Soft bricked Phone?”

7. How Do You Fix A Soft Bricked Phone?

This process required clockwork MOD
Step 1. Switch off your phone and switch it on in recovery mode. You can do this by pressing the volume down and power button.
Step 2. Scroll down to “Advanced” with the Volume button, and choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache” by Power button, and then go back to the main screen and choose “Wipe Cache Partition”. And then move to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”.
Step 3. Reboot your phone.

8. How Do I Get My Phone Out Of a Boot Loop?

Switch off your phone and boot in into recovery mode, you can do this by pressing the power and volum down buttons. Once you boot into recovery mode, select “advanced”, Choose “Wipe” and then pick “Dalvik Cache”.